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CO2 Reducing emissions
~ 1.04
million tons
splash Produced electricity
~ 1,1
billion kWh
Rengy Development was established in 2009 with the purpose to invest in and develop green infrastructure. It is currently a leading independent power producer (IPP), EPC аnd O&M contractor and supplier of clean energy.
The Company has a vertically integrated business structure including greenfield project development, design and engineering, financing, manufacturing, construction, operations & maintenance and asset management, including top-notch production forecasting system, as well as supply of green electricity to end-users. Our integrated business model is key for our ability to seize the full added value of each stage throughout the renewable energy project execution life cycle. This allows us to not only offer clean electricity at affordable prices to our consumers, but also to provide consistent quality of service to our partners and customers considering to build, operate or manage power plants.

Our management team has vast experience in engineering and finance, which, combined with our hands-on renewable energy development experience, as well as with the wide network of our industry partners worldwide, provides us with the necessary capacity and motivation to deliver high quality projects from inception to maturity.

To date we have been growing organically, developing projects from greenfield stage through maturity and power production. We continually enlarge our development pipeline both geographically, as well as horizontally and vertically, adding new business segments to complement our value chain. Apart from our primary market in Ukraine, we are actively developing new opportunities in such countries as Romania, Armenia and Cyprus, having established presence on the ground.

In addition to our traditional electricity sales approach under long-term FiT mechanism, we have also started exploiting new business models, such as corporate PPAs, merchant sales on the energy market, as well as solar plants dedicated and connected with direct line to large industrial consumers. These business models are quite new for the market, but we are proud to be one of the first to pave the way for the industry to further grow and attract new investment and long-term funding.

Value Chain

Project Origination & Development
Site identification
Grid capacity and connection assessment
Feasibility study
Project design
Permitting documentation and PPA
Lenders identification
Non-recourse funding negotiation
Debt & Equity structuring
Due diligence and closing
Solar mounting structures
Modular buildings for field use
Junction boxes and delivery stations
Large scale metal structures
Engineering & Construction
Detailed design
Procurement and Logistics
Construction works
Quality assurance
Operations & Maintenance
Preventive and corrective maintenance
Monitoring and availability assurance
Maximise generation
Site security and surveillance
Independent Power Producer (IPP)
Asset ownership and management
Regulatory compliance and reporting
Financial management and debt service
Contract Management

Mission and Goal

Our mission is to achieve sustainable development utilizing renewable energy of nature combined with constantly improving technologies.
Our goal is to improve the living conditions of people through decarbonization of the economy and the environment.


To date we have developed, designed, financed /co-financed, constructed and commissioned 19 power plants with a total capacity of 160 MWp.

This is in addition to the projects where we have acted as EPC and O&M contractor for third parties. During the course of our organic development we have exited from a few power plants after reaching COD, which has allowed us to reinvest the funds in the development and deployment of larger projects.

We invest both our own capital, as well as closely cooperate with international financial institutions (IFIs), to date having signed several deals and sourced funding from the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD), including the Bank’s globally first project in the solar energy field (2012), The Black Sea Trade and Development Bank (BSTDB), the Clean Technology Fund, as well as from the European Investment Bank (EIB) provided via local commercial banks.
In addition, Rengy Development completed one of its larger projects (47MW) in partnership with Scatec, an international strategic investor, with whom we now have 3 power plants in common.


Rengy Development develops, constructs, owns and operates renewable energy assets in developing and transitional economies. The Company focuses on selective development of medium size grid-connected power plants, but has the capability and resources to realize larger projects.

To date the Company has been growing organically. We intend to continue developing our pipeline consisting of several hundred MW of power plants across our focus markets. However, in order to boost the growth rates and leverage on our experience, we are considering also consolidation strategy and acquisition of brownfield projects where we can identify inefficiencies and benefits from synergies.

As key to our strategy we plan to prioritize markets where we can add maximum value. All of these markets will share growing demand for renewable energy, a dedicated green agenda, low current penetration and hence high potential for development of renewables. These are the markets which are close to us by geography, allowing more efficient use of construction and development resources that we have, as well as markets which share similar or comparable economic development history, where we can replicate and leverage our experience and relationships with partners and counterparties.

We also believe that engagement with policymakers, local communities and frontrunners of change is key for the success of the industry in general and for our Company in particular. We take an active role in policy dialogue, participate in expert groups and contribute to the development of not only the regulatory framework, but also of the mindset of communities aiming to switch from fossil fuel based economies to renewable and sustainable development models. Rengy Development is optimistic towards the coming decade and plans to accelerate its efforts aimed at sustainable development and decarbonization.

We feel comfortable and strong in challenging environments, having become used to adapting to the changing rules and legislations, business models and market needs. We consider this adaptation skillset as being one of our main competitive advantages. Our experience shows that the main challenge in our industry is not related to financing or strong regulatory support, but rather to consistently creating, managing and delivering successful bankable projects. For these purposes we have created an organizational structure which brings the main risks under our control and allows managing timelines, quality and costs. We will continue building on these core competencies, while seeking new investment opportunities in our core and new markets.

Environment and CSR

As a member of today`s rapidly changing global community, we are striving to adapt to the evolving needs of the society and contribute to its sustainable development. We are continually reviewing and improving our efforts to further increase our positive impact on the environment, conduct responsible business practices, and uphold the highest ethical standards in everything we do.
We are committed to explaining and demonstrating the positive impact that renewable energy has on the environment, the living conditions and the climate at large.
Our efforts in figures
(Data for 2022/2023)
Savings on CO2 emissions
CO 2 car line
2022 year
158,809 tons
CO2 car
2023 year
164,427 tons
The equivalent of fewer cars on the road
car car line
2022 year
48,344 pcs
car car
2023 year
50,054 pcs
Equivalent to the effect of so many trees
trees circle line
2022 year
1,323,406 pcs
(1333 hectares)
trees car
2023 year
1,370,226 pcs
(1287 hectares)
At the core of our commitment to corporate responsibility are our stakeholders - the people who affect and are affected by our business processes. These include communities where we operate, business partners, employees, regulators, investors, and others. We have ongoing social partnership programmes in communities where we operate. Our main objective in this sphere is to discover and understand the most immediate needs of the local communities and assist them in satisfying those needs.

To date we have directly or indirectly financed, managed and participated in numerous activities ranging from energy efficiency support for schools, to modernization of water supply systems and road infrastructure, and planting of trees in local towns, as well as supporting with energy or technological equipment to the communities in need.
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In addition, the Company aims to employ both temporary/seasonal and permanent workers from the local communities, who pass through Company trainings and adhere to our health & safety standards. This allows bringing additional financial benefit to the local budgets and stir economic activity.


  • Executive Assistant (Odesa)
    Block Master Ukraine is seeking a reliable and efficient executive assistant with strong organizational and communication skills to join its team in Odesa.
  • Production and Technical Department (PTD) Engineer with a Specialization in Power Engineering (Odesa)
    seeking a Production and Technical Department (PTD) Engineer specializing in power engineering to join our Odesa office.
  • Electric Vehicle (EV) Charging Station Business Development Manager (Kyiv)
    We're seeking a responsible and ambitious business development manager for electric vehicle (EV) charging stations to join our Kyiv office.
  • Solar Power Plant Business Development Manager for Industrial Consumers (Kiyv)
    We are looking for an experienced and dedicated business development manager for solar power plants for industrial consumers in our Kyiv office.
  • Industrial Energy Storage Systems (BESS) Business Development Manager (Kyiv)
    We're seeking a responsible and ambitious business development manager for industrial energy storage systems (BESS) to join our Kyiv office.