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Over the course of the last decade Rengy Development has brought together an exceptional team of experts, specializing in the operations and maintenance of solar power plants.

The engineers of our subsidiary, BlockMaster, have developed unique skills in preventing problems before they occur. They carefully and constantly monitor the key indicators, using real-time data and analysing energy supply statistics. We work in synergy with power grid operators at every level, ensuring that the systems are operating smoothly.

Rengy Development builds and services solar power plants, which provide clean and renewable energy for large-scale production or in-house requirements. The company offers specialised power plant maintenance and repair services for all types of businesses. Among the essential aspects are the improvement in efficiency and the prompt resolution of any problems which may cause system outages of the solar power plants.


Professional maintenance of solar power plants (SPP) plays a crucial role in maintaining their high performance and securing longevity. It ensures the optimal operation of inverters, cables, electrical equipment, batteries and controllers.

Timely maintenance is also helpful in identifying and preventing or correcting the faults arising due to the effects of severe frosts, storms, rodents and other potentially harmful flora and fauna.

High-quality monitoring can facilitate prompt tracking of any negative changes in the system operation. Maintenance of the power plant equipment prevents efficiency from being reduced as a result of external and internal factors.


Rengy Development ensures optimal and continuous operation of the solar power plants, with all the necessary components undergoing on-site maintenance. We are not only suppliers of equipment for solar power plants, but are also experienced strategists.

Our activities are focused on saving costs and boosting revenues for the owner in the long term, by means of comprehensive maintenance and accurate analysis of monitoring data. This can ensure up to 99.9% efficiency in power generation, minimising downtime and losses.

Auditing the equipment condition and the power plant as a whole.

Our specialists will conduct a comprehensive analysis of the solar power plant, to understand the current condition of the equipment and its operational efficiency.

Risk assessment and preventive maintenance schedule.

Analysis of the potential risks and development of a preventive maintenance plan to minimise any possible malfunctions and improve the operational reliability of the power plant.

Installation of monitoring system.

Includes use of monitoring systems to measure and record the energy parameters of the power plant. This allows real-time tracking of the electricity generation and provides an accurate analysis of power plant efficiency.

Installation of forecasting system.

Integration and implementation of a unique system using data from satellites. This system is customised and optimised specifically for a particular solar power plant. It is designed to forecast the power generated by the power plant every hour automatically adjusting the estimates at regular intervals.

Ongoing technical support.

Assistance is provided with any issues concerning the production and operation of the plant. Our experts will offer you advice at the equipment selection stage and will provide all the information you need about the solar power plants operating in Ukraine and abroad.

Management of spare parts.

Organisation and control of availability and timely renewal of the spare parts necessary for maintenance and repair of the equipment, with the aim of minimising downtime in the event of failure of any component of the solar power plant.

24-hour security and video surveillance of the power plant.

Security is ensured by means of video surveillance of the facility and on-site guards.

These services are aimed at securing stable and reliable operation of the solar power plant. Cooperation with Rengy Development ensures high-quality servicing, support, and access to advanced technologies in the field of renewable energy.

Our team of engineers and specialists have a wealth of experience in servicing and repairing solar power plants. We are continuously upgrading our skills to ensure that we are able to identify and prevent potential issues before they occur. The company makes active use of state-of-the-art technology for monitoring of PR and TA indicators, which allows us to respond rapidly to any changes and anomalies based on real-time data.

Our work in close collaboration with national and regional power grid operators ensures that power plant operations are reliable and balanced.


We offer a wide range of services for maintenance of solar power plants, operating in Ukraine and abroad. We make every effort to ensure that your solar farm produces the maximum possible volume of electricity. We also strictly follow health and safety regulations on sites.

Our key objective is to maximise the energy output of the solar park whilst ensuring strict compliance with H&S standards.

The servicing and maintenance of solar power plants by our subsidiary Blockmaster complies with international standards ISO 9001:2015. All solar park management solutions are developed and implemented by a team of experts with experience in designing and building such facilities, as well as in refurbishing and technical retrofitting of substations and transmission lines for hundreds of megawatts.


To date Rengy Development has demonstrated an outstanding track record of building and operating solar power plants, and we are proud to be able to offer you a full range of services, on the same level of professionalism, as we do for our own power plants.

We use our own resources for designing and installing solar power plants. Our activities also include production of mobile modular buildings and complex metal structures, which have been widely applied in agriculture, industry and energy sectors. This experience serves to highlight our competence and ability to execute complex projects on a high level.

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