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Solar Power for Own Consumption (SPOC)
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As your reliable green energy partner, Renergy (part of Rengy Development Group) is there to support you in the field of modern energy solutions. We are an independent electricity supplier specialising in the use of solar resources to offer environmentally friendly and cost-effective alternatives to conventional energy sources.

Our services are aimed at a range of different businesses. As an electricity supply company, we make sure that the power we supply is reliable and secure for businesses while helping them reduce their carbon footprint and limiting the harm caused to the environment.

In our experience as an electricity supplier in Ukraine for all types of companies, we recognise that the process of choosing an electricity supplier for the business often comes down to competitive tariffs and special offers. We keep this in mind while discussing various tariff models with our consumers of electricity and try to keep the supply affordable. In determining the cost of electricity for businesses, we use the most favourable tariffs available, and we account for individual aspects of any given activity to reach an optimal solution.

The supply and sale of green electricity to companies allows Rengy Development to support domestic and international companies as they make efforts to decarbonise their operations. This way your business can cut its energy costs and avoid environmental pollution.

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Using solar energy for your business or generating your own solar electricity — these are promising and profitable solutions for a range of operational requirements.

When businesses and private entrepreneurs use solar power plants to generate their own energy, they minimise their dependence on external suppliers and their vulnerability to market price fluctuations. This not only enhances their brand’s environmental accountability but also generates long-term financial benefits, creating a firm foundation for sustainable development and making the business more competitive.

Rengy Development opens up new horizons for businesses whose electricity needs represent a significant proportion of their production costs. We offer an alternative to conventional energy sources with solutions that not only are environmentally friendly but also can significantly reduce your energy costs. We can build your solar power plant to suit your specific requirements, and we offer financing for the construction when you sign a long-term electricity supply contract with us.

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EPC is a comprehensive service covering all stages of engineering, procurement and construction of the power plant, as well as its commissioning. In this turnkey approach a single contractor carries full responsibility for performing all the works required. 

The engineering stage involves the development of the technological concept for your solar power plant and provides the starting point for our team. Factors such as specific weather conditions and potential solar exposure will be assessed, and all the necessary materials, equipment and components will be selected for construction of your solar power plant. Key components for optimising costs or increasing potential electricity generation will be identified and assessed, and may include inverters, mounting structures and their tilt angle, cables and their cross-section, transformers, panels, etc. 

After the engineering is complete, out procurement department will arrange tendering and purchase of equipment and materials directly from manufacturers, and, finally, construction of the solar power plant will commence. This will include site preparation and system installation as well as its integration into the overall energy infrastructure of the business or the grid. Advanced systems will be introduced for remote monitoring and control of the station. We ensure high quality of these construction and installation works to guarantee reliable generation of environmentally friendly electricity.

After the construction works are finalized we carry out expert testing of the systems. The solar power plant will be considered ready for operation upon successful testing. At this stage the solar power plant will be handed over to the operations and maintenance department, which will perform the respective services and activities. 

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O&M services represent a multi-faceted approach to solar power plant management and maintenance. This step is essential to maintain reliable and efficient operation of the solar power plant and to maximize its performance and longevity. 

Regular maintenance includes periodic inspections, cleaning of the solar panels, grass-cutting and checking and replacing worn-out components. Our specialists are quick to respond in case of system operation failure and provide troubleshooting with a focus on minimising downtime.

We perform regular data analysis to optimise the operation of your solar power plant. We assist our partners in managing warranty claims, working with equipment manufacturers to replace or repair components under warranty. We ensure that all maintenance and operational work performed on the solar power plants is compliant with health and safety standards and other international guidelines.

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Design engineering involves comprehensive system planning, which forms the foundation for the successful construction and subsequent operation of your plant. Engineers and architects begin by creating a concept for the future solar power plant. Experts perform geological, hydrological, and other studies to help determine the optimal location and orientation of the solar power plant components. The detailed design includes technical drawings, wiring diagrams, and the equipment and materials needed. Particular attention is paid to ensuring that the system will be reliable and efficient while considering future scaling possibilities.

Our specialists will prepare a full design documentation package, which will adhere to all the relevant requirements and comply with regulatory standards. This will provide a legal and technical framework for construction to commence. Engineers prepare plans for all construction stages, calculating the project realization timeframe and making the necessary logistical arrangements.

The service also includes cost-benefit analysis including the estimated costs, the potential benefits of utilizing the plant, and any possible risks. We work with governmental agencies to obtain the necessary permits and licences for operating the solar power plant.

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Real-time forecasting of power production is a key part of the ownership and management of grid-connected solar power plants. This forecasting allows you to anticipate and optimise power generation considering a range of variables conditions. 

Meteorological data analysis helps predict how much energy the solar power plant will produce each hour. We use specialised software to model power generation based on the meteorological data obtained from satellites. This allows precise, accurate planning of power generation and sales, reducing imbalance charges, which occur when actual production data is not consistent with the one planned. 

Our company has accumulated historical meteorological data for different regions of the country, allowing us to perform this task with greater accuracy. We also have extensive experience in owning and operating solar power plants, which is valuable since errors can directly affect the company’s profitability. These help to improve efficiency and reduce risks of losses in energy production. Forecasting can also be used to plan maintenance of your power plant and schedule the optimal time for any work to be performed. 

The forecasting service is also an important component in managing the risks related to fluctuations in power generation, particularly for markets where electricity prices vary based on the time of day and weather conditions. Finally, forecasts are helpful in coordinating solar power plant operation in relation to the overall power grid, working to balance the load and ensure that the power supply is stable.

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An audit of the solar power plant takes the form of a comprehensive review and analysis of its performance or an assessment of the potential for any modernization. This process includes a technical inspection and an assessment of the equipment as well as an analysis of technical decisions implemented during the design. An installed solar power plant can benefit from an audit to determine the current condition of the equipment, its operational efficiency, and any potential problems or inherent defects.

The audit will include an analysis of the plant’s produciton data, allowing comparison with virtual models based on the meteorological data for the selected location. Specialists will analyse the efficiency of the solar power plant, assessing such aspects as АС/DC power, energy loss within the system, the tilt angle of the metal frameworks, and the construction and quality of the work as compared to the detailed design. All of these have certain effect on the overall system performance.

The audit will highlight potential options for optimising the solar power plant’s operations, such as upgrading some of the equipment, improving energy consumption management, or implementing additional solutions for monitoring or remote control. Customers receive a report that includes an economic analysis and recommendations for improving efficiency and reducing energy costs.

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