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BlockMaster, which is part of our holding company, provides customers with solar power plant design services. The company’s engineers have many years of experience and knowledge in this field.

At every stage of substation and plant design, they maintain open dialogue with customers to ensure full understanding of and compliance with their expectations.

All projects are carried out according to current legislative and regulatory requirements, ensuring that they are legally and technically impeccable.


Solar power plant design covers a comprehensive process from the initial planning to preparation for construction. The engineering service may include:

Development of the concept for the solar power plant
In the initial stage, engineers and architects form the basic concept of the future solar power plant. This includes selection of appropriate capacity, determination of orientation, and technical solutions for the project’s power output.
Economic analysis of the project
A cost assessment is carried out as well as evaluation of potential economic benefits from the operation of the solar power plant and the risks associated with the project.
Research and analyses
Specialists carry out comprehensive studies, including geological, hydrological, and other analyses. This provides critical data for determining the most appropriate design.
Detailed design of the solar power plants and substations.
At this stage, the technical drawings and wiring diagrams are prepared. Our experts also select the necessary equipment and materials, paying special attention to the efficiency, reliability, and scalability of the system in the future.
Preparation of design documentation.
A complete documentation package is prepared for the customer that is compliant with all legal and technical requirements to provide a solid basis for the start of the construction work.
Planning for construction.
Careful planning of all stages of construction of solar power plants is performed including project timing and organisation of logistics.
Working with government authorities.
This entails obtaining all necessary approvals and licences for construction and operation of the solar power plant.

This approach ensures comprehensive and professional project implementation, starting with the concept stage and ending with preparation for actual construction. This will guarantee success and cost-effectiveness for your solar energy investment.

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