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The audit assumes a comprehensive review and analysis of the efficiency of existing solar power plants. An audit of a solar power plant is carried out by BlockMaster which is part of Rengy Development Group.

This service includes the following:

A technical inspection and an assessment of the equipment.

For a solar power plant that has already been installed, an audit includes a thorough inspection of all components. This helps determine the current condition of the equipment, its operational efficiency and identification of any potential problems or defects.

Analysis of power generation.

The audit involves analysis of historical power production data cross-checked with meteorological indicators. This gives an understanding of how efficiently the solar power plant is operating.

Performance evaluation.

Our specialists analyse the efficiency of the solar power plant, assessing such factors as power output, energy losses and overall system performance. This is how the PR (performance ratio) is calculated.

Identification of opportunities for improvement.

The audit finds potential opportunities to optimise the system, such as upgrades of equipment, improvements in management or the monitoring system, or introduction of additional energy efficiency solutions.

Economic analysis and recommendations.

Customers are provided with a report that includes economic analysis and recommendations for improving efficiency.

Environmental impact assessment.

The audit may also include an assessment of the impact of the solar power plant to give customers an understanding of how the environment is affected by their facility.

An audit conducted by our company may become a tool to be used by the client to ensure that the solar power plant is operating efficiently, maximizing its potential.


Conducting an audit of a solar power plant will often reveal various issues that could have significant impact on the efficiency and productivity of the facility. For example, an audit could uncover equipment malfunctions, errors in wiring or configurations, or omissions in maintenance, resulting in lower power production.

Lack of regular audits could lead to missed opportunities for optimisation and ultimately higher operational costs. In addition, undetected problems could lead to unexpected failures or accidents, negatively impacting the reliability and sustainability of the power plant and its longevity.

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