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Our subsidiary, Renergy, provides green electricity supply services.

Companies who become clients of Renergy can start using clean electricity for their needs.

Our main focus is on international and domestic companies who understand the importance of decarbonising their business activities. All else being equal, these companies want to contribute to making the future more sustainable, and they are ready to take on their share of social and environmental responsibility. The composition of clean electricity for industrial use also allows such companies to offset the risk of potential additional taxes charged on exports to EU countries (CBAM tax), which is a major factor in ensuring that our economy remains competitive.

Using environmentally friendly energy sources brings many benefits for business owners:

Using green energy has no adverse effect on people:
Solar power plants are among the safest of energy sources, both for humans and for nature. Additionally, this technology reduces negative impacts on the environment. When you build a solar power plant, as a business owner, you will have a sense of being part of the global movement for preserving the planet.
Increasing the value of your business:
Whatever your business activity is, when you choose to build a solar power plant on your premises, you will be increasing its value. This type of development is seen as modernisation, an upgrade with long-term benefits in the form of lower electricity bills for the business or building concerned.
Cost savings:
As our energy prices continue to grow you can gain an undeniable advantage in terms of costs when you are able to generate your own electricity, especially when it is supplied by nature itself. Additionally, there will be no variations in its cost.
Government subsidies and tax incentives:
In many countries the government offers various types of support. Ukraine has programmes to encourage development of solar power plants for generating your own solar electricity (5-7-9% support mechanism). These make investments such as solar power plants for active consumers and large organisations even more attractive.
Improvements in technology:
Modern solar panels are highly efficient and have a long service life. The length of the warranty for stable generation by solar power plants starts at 25 years. Using environmentally friendly energy sources ensures provision of a reliable and stable power supply, lasting for many years to come.

Renergy, part of the Rengy Development group of companies established in 2009, provides comprehensive solutions in the energy sector with the aim of ensuring high quality, efficiency, and convenience. Our staff members work with each customer individually and analyse their requirements and capabilities and interact with stakeholders to identify the optimal solution.

A distinctive feature of Renergy is the integration of this power supply company into a holding company with 15 years of experience in investments in and operation of solar power plants and, consequently, access to clean and affordable electricity. This is why we specialise in the supply of green electricity to end users.

Also, as our group includes a construction and service division, we can combine the option of installing a solar power plant on or near the customer’s own premises with the supply of the rest of the electricity via external grids in our “customer solutions” package. Moreover, we have long-term partnerships with financial institutions and can offer financing options for your projects in the event that you choose us as a contractor and supplier.


Renergy specialises in supplying electricity and installing solar power plants for a range of different industries: large office buildings, industrial sites, shopping centres, and so on. The company offers its in-depth knowledge of renewable energy and works on commercial projects of various sizes. With many years of experience in this field, Renergy installs advanced, reliable systems, using high-quality materials from leading global brands.

We are introducing solutions for integration of energy-storage systems and we plan to scale in this direction to obtain a more stable electricity supply for our customers.

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