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Rengy Development develops and operates projects across diverse markets to enhance and diversify its portfolio. Our objective is not just to expand geographically, but also to penetrate various industries by integrating new business segments into our value chain. In addition to our core focus areas of electricity production and distribution, we are also researching opportunities in the fields of Battery Energy Storage Systems (BESS) and EV chargers infrastructure.

As per our strategy, we focus on markets where we believe we can add maximum value. These markets are characterized by a growing demand for renewable energy, a commitment to environmental sustainability, and an untapped potential due to low existing penetration of renewable resources.

They are also close to us geographically, allowing us to capitalize on our well established capacities in development and construction, as well as share similar economic growth history, which accommodates our intention to use our extensive experience and established partnerships replicating our past success in these new markets. While Ukraine remains our stronghold, our strategic vision propels us towards new opportunities in such markets as Romania, Armenia, Cyprus and the Balkans in general.