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BlockMaster Completes Modernization of 110/10 kV Substation in Odesa

June 12, 2022

BlockMaster, the engineering division of Rengy Development, has successfully completed the reconstruction of the 110/10 kV electrical substation in Odesa, significantly enhancing the city's power grid infrastructure.

The project involved a comprehensive overhaul, including the dismantling of the old switchgear building and its equipment. In its place, a new, state-of-the-art Switchgear-10kV frame-modular building was erected, equipped with cutting-edge Siemens technology.

A Comprehensive Modernization Project:

Beyond the new switchgear building, the project encompassed a wide range of additional tasks:

  • Construction of monolithic structures, as well as assembly of prefabricated reinforced concrete and metal structures.
  • Disassembly and assembly of cable trays.
  • Installation of metal structures under the DHC (Direct Heating Cable).
  • Installation of tire portals.
  • Installation of support SV 105-5.
  • Installation and commissioning of fire alarm systems.

This extensive modernization project has significantly improved the reliability, efficiency, and safety of the 110/10 kV substation, ensuring a more robust and reliable power supply for the city of Odesa.

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