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BlockMaster Commissions New Substation in Odesa Region, Boosting Grid Capacity

October 26, 2020

Rengy Development's engineering division, BlockMaster, has successfully commissioned a new, modern substation in Hudzhivka, Izmail district, Odesa region. This project is a vital step in enhancing the region's power grid infrastructure.

The new substation will alleviate strain on nearby, overloaded electrical installations, some of which have been in operation for over 50 years. It will also provide the necessary capacity to accommodate new connections, supporting the region's growing energy demands.

Serving the Adjacent Solar Park:

The Hudzhivka substation will receive all the electricity generated by the adjacent 19.9 MW solar park, further boosting the region's clean energy capacity.

A Comprehensive Construction Project:

The substation, with a capacity of 35/6 kV and equipped with two 10 MVA transformers, was built from scratch on an empty field. BlockMaster executed a comprehensive range of construction and electrical installation works, including:

  • Fabrication and assembly of supporting metal structures
  • Foundation and platform installation
  • Installation and connection of substation equipment, including circuit breakers, surge arresters, transformers, control points, and power transformers
  • Installation of metal structures for transformer supports, oil receivers, and oil drainage systems
  • Installation of linear and cellular portals, traverse systems, tray routes, and grounding
  • Construction of driveways, sidewalks, fencing, external lighting, and floodlight masts
  • Installation of overhead cable lines, including metal anchor-corner supports, traverses, grounding, and setup

The project was completed in 25 weeks, involving 9 units of specialized construction equipment, 6 engineers, and 40 workers.

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